Thirteenth National People's Congress representative: Qiong Qiong: Concerned about the development o
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     As the representative of the 13th National People's Congress, Bai Hong Group’s director of the middle management and quality management department, Suo Qiong’s long-term attention to the development of the real economy of the manufacturing industry, migrant workers’ social security topics such as medical care, children’s education, and housing security, were brought to the meeting. Many related suggestions.

     At 9:00 on March 5th, the 1st session of the 13th National People's Congress was opened. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and other important Chinese leaders attended the ceremony, and 2,980 National People's Congress delegates attended the meeting. Premier Li Keqiang made a government work report. "The real economy is the pillar of a country's economy." In the report, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out the development of the real economy, clearly proposed the development and expansion of new energy, applied new technologies, new formats, and new models, vigorously transformed and upgraded traditional industries, and pointed out that the real economy should be revitalized. The important path. In addition, the report also proposes to support the development of private enterprises. Seriously solve outstanding problems reflected by private enterprises and resolutely break down all kinds of hidden barriers. Improve entrepreneurs' participation in policy-making mechanisms for enterprises. Inspire and protect entrepreneurship. Accelerate the construction of a powerful country. Create "China Made 2025" demonstration area. Strengthen product quality supervision. Promote the spirit of craftsmanship and come to a quality revolution made in China. Further reduce corporate tax burden. Reform and improve the value-added tax, focus on reducing the tax rate of manufacturing, transportation and other industries, and greatly reduce the non-tax burden on enterprises. Let companies move forward with ease and develop together.

     Focusing on the hot issues of the people's livelihood, 1 Implement a healthy China strategy. To increase the level of protection for basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance, the per capita basic financial insurance standard of residents for basic medical insurance will increase by another 40 yuan, and half will be used for major illness insurance. We will expand the scope of direct settlement of medical treatment in different provinces across the province, and include grass-roots hospitals, migrant workers, and foreign employment and entrepreneurship personnel. 2 Reform of personal income tax. Increase the personal income tax threshold, increase children's education, major medical treatment and other special expenses deducted, and reasonably reduce the burden. 3 to better solve the problem of people's housing. Increase the protection of public rental housing, to ensure that families with low-income housing difficulties should be guaranteed, and new qualified employees without housing and migrant workers should be included in the scope of protection. 4 Develop fair and quality education. To promote the integration of compulsory education in urban and rural areas, education investment will continue to tilt toward difficult areas and weak links. Effectively reduce the drop-out rate of rural students, pay close attention to the elimination of “major classes” in towns, and focus on solving the problem of extracurricular burden on primary and middle school students. Continue to implement special enrollment plans for rural and impoverished areas. The development of ethnic education, special education, continuing education, and online education allow everyone to have equal opportunities to change their own destiny and achieve their dreams in life through education.

     After listening to this report on the work of the government, Junqiong and 2,900 other delegates were full of pride and walked out of the venue. In the face of reporters, Junqiong joyously said: "The introduction of migrant workers from other provinces across different provinces and medical insurance settlements has solved the difficulty of seeing a doctor for our migrant workers. It is very encouraging," said Suo Qiong, who will continue to pay attention to related topics. Promptly propagate and implement the spirit of the meeting, work diligently and strive for excellence, and work together to contribute to “raising to a new level, building a new Fujian” and casting a “Chinese dream”.

     Thirteenth National People's Congress representative: Qiong Qiong: Concerned about the development of the real economy of the manufacturing industry, migrant workers, social security, education for children, housing security and other hot topics