Fujian Baihong Group's “2017 Advanced Management and Outstanding Employees” Award Ceremony
來源:原創  瀏覽次數:  發布時間:2018-04-24

At 9:00 am on April 24th, Fujian Baihong Group held the awarding ceremony of “2017 Advanced Managers and Outstanding Staff”. The group leaders awarded award certificates and commemorative gold rings to 20 advanced management and outstanding employees. In the past year, Baihong Group has achieved brilliant achievements. The outstanding achievements can not be separated from the joint efforts of all Baihong people, but also can not be separated from today's award-winning advanced management cadres and outstanding employees of the whole heart to pay, I hope in your model Leading the way, the employees of all departments are given the positive energy of “love, dedication, innovation, and excellence”. All 100 macros work together to make our Baihong Group continue to maintain its leading position in the industry, stable and healthy development. .

Baihong Group "2017 advanced managers":

AB District Polymerization Department Zhu Yixiang A District Spinning Department Ma Yifu A District Spinning Department Li Shen B District Spinning Department Chen Jianhong A District Addition Department Huang Jun

Department of Power, Zou Shuping, District A Division C, Department of Polymerization, Huang Yushu, C, Department of Spinning, Jiang Xingyan, C, Department of Reinforcement, Zhou Hongwei, D, Department of Film, Chen Yong

D Area Thin Film Department White Area D Area Equipment Department Liu Shengcheng C Area Polymerization Spinning Equipment Department Lin Yonghong

Baihong Group's "2017 Outstanding Employees":

C District Administrative Department Xu Xiaoyu C District Polymerization Department Luo Xinghong D District Film Department Lin Xiang D District Film Department Lin Zhenhui D District Equipment Department Ma Jianhui

C District Polymerization Spinning Equipment Division Deng Shiliang AB District Polymerization Department Yan Guobin