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Cotton-like polymer fiber

Specifications:32S, 40S, 50S SD, FD and Function yarn.

Detailed information
Product Introduction:

Cotton-like polymer fiber fall into polyester filament yarn and polyester staple fiber. With the strong technology support from DongHua University, cooperated by “twelve five” state technology plan issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Billion brand cotton-like yarn is joint developed. Through application to Fujian Department of Science and Technology, this item have been listed as one of 10th biggest technology industrial projects. This product contain independent & innovation technology formula and technology way, which have obtained national Invention patent and practicalness modern patent; Patent no.: CN201110224539.1. From appearance, it is change mono denier and adopt special double-spiral cross section; From performance, with adding 3rd and 4th material, the dyeability, wicking and quick dry of yarn is improved; From function, cotton-like fabric not only contain nice hand-feeling and clothing function, further more, it’s wicking and quick dry, antistatic, thermal stability and mechanical property are even better than cotton fabric. This product is not only similar with natural cotton fiber and cotton fabric (appearance alike), but also performance and function similar (performance and function alike), the most important, it has the better dynamic damp-heat conform property.


Product Features:

For appearance, cotton-like yarn is very close to cotton, and it change the cross section of fiber; For performance, cotton-like yarn have improved fiber's dyeability, hygroscopicity and quick-dry capability. And it's fabric is very similar with cotton fabric from appearance and hand-feeling. For function, cotton-like yarn not only have the ability of nice hand-feeling and clothing, it also better than cotton fabric regarding it's quick-dry capability, antistactic and heat stability ect.


Product use:

Cotton-like yarn could be widely available for knitting, weaving, sportswear, leisure cloth, skirt, underwear, coat and home textile ect.


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